120 ounces beef

Supposed to be two burgers to start, each with two pounds beef plus bread plus whatever toppings I wanted.  Except they refused to add any toppings at all.  Marshmellow and whip cream were on the menu, but weren’t on the burgers.  Then they decided not to give them to me at once, rather required waiting around after the first one was finished.  So after finishing the first one in two to three minutes had to wait around for the second one.  Total time for eating both burgers plus waiting around was eight minutes or so.  Then had two more one pound burgers

Got a tip to order them well-done.  The second one was browned slightly on the outside and completely uncooked on the inside.  More than a day later and I’m not violently ill, so no problem, just weird that they would be willing to serve it like that.  There were a lot of others there who dissaproved so strongly of the burgers that they refused to eat more than one- or two-pounds

They advertise that for every 16-ounces they serve, they start with 20-ounces before cooking.  (Though not sure how that can be true when it’s barely cooked at all).  With the way they handled the toppings and timing, not sure what we can believe from what they say.  Though if it is true, that means the meal started with 120 ounces beef, reduced 96 ounces, plus the bread, so at least seven pounds total

One guy threw up

Radio talk show was there.  They were all cool.  Except for the woman.  She was hot

It’s now 24-hours later, guess that means I should go eat some Fiber One or Metamucil or sometthing

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December 8, 2011 at 9:02 pm


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