If You Are Not Moving Forward. . .

. . . you are moving backwards. Which is complete horseshit. How else do we end up staying in the same place for a year, a decade or a lifetime

Inflation means your money loses purchasing power. Which is again complete horseshit, because if something was worth purchasing, I would have already spent my money on it. Which means not purchasing something is far more powerful

Not restricting nutrition, means gaining weight. That one is true. I no longer care to restrict nutrition. Maybe for brief moments, but never an entire day as I have done so often. Like I don’t care to eat much in the morning, because there is coffee and Diet Mtn Dew to drink. A little later in the day is when all the action happens, like checking email or watching Springer, so no reason to eat then, just more coffee and Diet Mtn Dew. Once the sun starts to set, though, that’s when eatingalot is cool. If there isn’t a trip to the buffet it’s time to walk the aisles at the grocery store and go with anything that looks good. At least 10-pounds, usually more. Same thing I’ve been doing for years. Except I now no longer ever take a day off. No restrictions. . .

(winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. you can reverse that and it would still have the exact same meaning)

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December 21, 2011 at 10:02 am


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