Christmas Presents

Like everyone else in the world, if there is something I can buy that I value more than the money it costs, I will go ahead and buy it. If I don’t value it that highly, I won’t buy it. That’s what makes Christmas presents so awesome. They show how much we are willing to waste and degrade our own resources just to tell the other person that the things we value are better than the things they value

I gave myself the best Christmas present I could think of. Walked through the grocery store the day before buying anything that looked worth buying. Then I spent Christmas eating it all:
four pounds frozen veggies
large winter squash
two pounds turkey
strawberries and mango, yogurt, potato
Followed by a three-hour nap. Then one pound ham and a box of Cheerios. Followed that with a 15-hour nap

It’s now been 24-hours since finishing the cereal, so it’s time to do it all over again

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December 26, 2011 at 4:14 pm


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